Food and wine from Trentino

Food and wine from Trentino

Trentino present you special local products. It is a real pleasure for your body and soul.

Trentino has a huge range of local specialities such as "carne salada", pasta, bread with special floures, "tortei" with local potatoes, extra virgin oil, wines, produces from native grapes, apples, fruit of the forest. and ancient fruits. Honey and infusion from wood- herbs offer special relaxing moments. Those products come to you from expert farmers and age old tradition. And let's not forget the local salami, speck and mortandela, and moreover our marvellous cheese production, as the tasty Trentingrana, Casolet or fresh Ricotta. There are so many shops and farm where you can buy these delicious treats to eat with your friends and family. 

The particular microclimate of many zones in Trentino means it can produce the D.O.C. wine (controlled denomination of origin). The Nosiola grape occupies a special position in our winemaking tradition, an indigenous variety of whine grape which is made into a delicate wine with subtle hazelnuts note. Mùller Thurgau is notable for its flavour and mineral taste. Lagrein and Marzemino are used for the production of charming red wines. There are also marvellous dessert wine: the fragrant Moscato giallo or Trentino Vino Santo (Slow Food Presidium). You can also visit the wine cellars of Trentino, that are a strong part of the development of Trentino, as the storical Cantine Ferrari.

Look around and take with you a little of us..

Trentino: Sport and Fun in the nature of Val di Non Valley

Activities for all in this location with beneficial, fortifying and energising properties.

Welcome in The Val di Non Valley. Have a look around: the nature offers magnificent uncontaminated landscapes. Spendig Holidays here is an exhilarating experience, surrounded by peaks towering, crystal clear lakes, castels, hermitages and sanctuaries, museums and more . You can enter the forest- trails directly from our hotel!  Moreover the Val di Non Valley takes visitors by surprise with a wide range of activities: walking, mountain biking, horse riding, mountaineering, climbing, swimming, golfing, climbing, canyoning and fishing! And what about the historic- route of ancient pilgrims? It's a therapy for body and soul! 

Enjoy your holidays with family, friends or pets and... discover the Val di Non Valley in Trentino!

Special Offers for your Holidays in Trentino Alto Adige

The Stella Alpina Hotel has news for your Holidays in Trentino Alto Adige. Discover our country, from lakes to mountains, walking trails on foot or by bicycle. It's a paradise for nature- lovers! Book one of those offers! 

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